Welcome to the Boulder IT Network!

The Boulder IT Network is a monthly meetup group that welcomes individuals from all aspects of IT to make connections and learn from each other. We are looking to connect with anyone in the Boulder area who is currently working on, or thinking about starting a career in Information Technology. Whether you’re a developer, network engineer, security specialist, 10 year industry veteran, student, or simply have an interest in learning more about technology, we welcome you to join the Boulder IT Network!

                We look to host a variety of events for our members such as fun social activities, guest speaker keynotes, and speed hiring events with local recruiters. We believe that having a balance of fun to informative is important, because we want our events to be something our members look forward to. Social activity examples include group hikes, friendly competitions, brewery tours, group bike rides, escape rooms, and any other ideas our members may come up with! We are also working with local recruiters in the area to provide speed hiring events, using the same format as speed dating, but instead of landing a hot date, you might land the job that defines your career! This format includes sitting with a recruiter looking to fill a position for 90 seconds. You have to make your case as to why you’re the right fit for role before the buzzer sounds. Once the 90 seconds is up, you will move to the next recruiter in a round robin format. We believe that this will be a fun and unique way for our members to gain exposure from recruiters looking to fill local positions.

                In addition to formal events, we are also looking to create a place to foster personal relationships with our peers in the industry. We believe that one of the best resources one can have, is a group of knowledgeable professionals within your circle of friends. We want our members to build friendships with one another both inside and outside of our meetup group. You never know when you might need to reach out to a specialist for help on a problem that has left you stumped at work, or when your company is looking to fill a position and you have the chance to recommend someone with the perfect skillset for the role. We are in this only to open as many doors to as many opportunities as possible, and to foster personal relationships among the large IT community in the Boulder area. We sincerely look forward to meeting you at our next event


Thanks for being here! 




Dave Jooste

Director of Information Technology

Originally from South Africa, I bring an array of experience to IT and Cyber Security. I specialize in ethical hacking and network engineering with a passion for exploring web development.

Saul Schwartzbach

Snr System Administrator

Saul is our resident network specialist although his skills far exceed network administration. With a focus in network configurations and development, Saul’s ability to adapt to any IT task is above reproach.

Megan Jooste

Communications Director

Yes, Megan is Dave’s wife and an contributes to Boulder IT Network as our communications specialist. Megan has multiple accolades in communication with recognition from the New York Mayors office, Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, NASA, Google and many more.


Event Planner

If interested, let us know.
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